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Initial visit to family doctor:  For me this was simple a $10.00 co-pay.  I never saw the bill.

Initial visit to ENT: Again, for me this was simple a $10.00 co-pay.  I never saw the bill.

CT Scan: Once again, for me this was simple a $10.00 co-pay.  I never saw the bill.  Also, I had to go to the diagnostic clinc suggested by the insurance carrier.

Surgery: A whopping 10 G's

  1. One day room and board              $   550
  2. Pharmacy                                     $    581
  3. Medical-Surgical Supplies             $ 1,900
  4. Sterile Supply                                $   804
  5. Other Supplies/Devices                 $     79
  6. Lab-Histology                               $   548
  7. Operating Room Services              $ 4,065
  8. Recovery Room                             $    696
  9. EKG/EEG                                     $     81
  10. Physician FEE EKG/EEG               $       9
  11. Observation Room - Regular          $   458
  12. Pro Fees /ANES/CRNA                $   153
  13. Nurse Anesthetist Charge               $    812

                    Total     $10,740

Follow Up Visits with ENT:  No Charge

Pathology: Paid by insurance, have not seen bill yet

Eye Specialist:  $79 for visit and $85 for eyelid weight

1st Radiation Oncologist Consultation: $36

2nd Radiation Oncologist Consultation: $99

3rd Radiation Oncologist Consultation (In Florida): $174


To date, my out of pocket expenses for my second surgery have been about $160.00


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