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My Quest

Having been through two surgeries for the removal of parotid gland tumors, there is a good chance the condition will return and I will be required to have a third removal.  After which I will most likely seek radiation treatments to prevent future recurrences.  My quest is to find others who have gone through radiation treatments for this condition.  I welcome their comments and recommendations. 

My Mission

My mission is to provide an information service and exchange for those seeking information on parotid gland tumors and surgery.  I encourage readers to share their experiences and ask questions through the discussion page.  If you would like to provide a permanent record of Your Story, please do this by creating a profile.  A profile can be created by selecting the "Create Profile" button at the top of the discussion page. You may edit or delete it at anytime in the future.  Please save your password.

 Or, you may email me a text document with your story and I can add a page to the web here.  It will look similar to "Julies Story".

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