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Orly’s Story

I’ve felt my tumor for the first time, about 10 years ago, just after I’ve had some ear pain and took some antibiotics. It was so small that it was unnoticeable on the CT.

FNA results-benign!!!! Great!!!!!  BUT, since it was so small, and knowing the risks involved in having the operation, I decided not to go through it. 

Since I’m a Chinese Medicine and Healing practitioner, during those years,  tried almost every thing that the complementary medicine has to offer, (acupuncture, healing, osteopathic, nutrition, etc.)

The tumor grew slowly over the years, but there were no side effects, and since I have long hair, most of the people didn’t even new it was there.

Actually my voyage took me to places- personal and professional where I wouldn’t go there otherwise.

During the last few years I also “worked” with a group of people together with our “teacher” RONIT GALAPO channeling with entity (high consciousness) named SUFI. Through his wisdom, I’ve got a new perspective of life.

About a year ago, I went through a surgery procedure on my left gums, which was quite traumatic, and since then the tumor really grew bigger. Since I believe there are some conditions that call for the skill of the conventional medicine, and I truly believe that we should work together, (that’s the way I work in my own clinic, and that’s also why I refer to the alternative medicine as “complementary medicine”), and since I know that things happened for a reason, and in the right time and place, I realized it’s time to do something else about the tumor. I felt that I was ready more than ever to do the operation (something I was not able to do 10 years ago because I was afraid).

Then I started my journey to find the right doctor  for me!!!!

I saw 5 DR,. all of the top list. I knew each one of them will do his best, but I had to feel it in my guts. So after seeing them all, I chose the one I  felt is the best for me. You can never be  100% sure, but when I’ve made my decision, I was confident as much as I could ever be, and I  felt good about it.


The Time Before The Operation

Preparing my body, mind and soul for the op…….

From the moment I decided about the operation, I took few moments every day, in a quiet room, lit a candle, took a few deep breaths, and started  visualizing a healing light (you can choose the color you like), I chose between white, green, blue and purple  (or all of them together).  I saw the light enter my body through the crown chakra (top of the head),then just imagined the route of the light going through my whole body, entering each organ, each cell, etc. 

What I did was also imagine the light inside the gland, seeing the tumor getting smaller, floodlight the nerves , blood vessels, tissues, etc. I’m sure every one can find his own way to do so. If it’s difficult to imagine, you can SAY it  with your own words. It works as well. Of course I can’t prove it’s working, but I can tell you that when the tumor was out, it was smaller that it was seen on the MRI.

10 days before the operation, I used anti trauma essential oils on the area of the operation:  (That’s what I used, but I would suggest to consult a qualified practitioner before you use it!!!)

The portions are:

Helichrysum – 2

Cistus – 2

Abies alba – 6


Helichrisum – 2

Cistus – 1

Lavender - 8

 During the week before the operation, when ever I felt even a little bit anxious, I took ‘RESCUE REMEDY’ (Bach Flowers).

(You take 5 drops under your tongue, as many times as you feel).

And…….I tried to keep my positive thoughts all the time.

It also effected the people around me, which helped a lot.


Hours before the op 

2 hours before the op, I took ARNIKA, (Homeopathic remedy for trauma, in drops). Normally you take 5 drops under your tongue, 2 hours before the operation, every ˝ an hour, and right after the op. First day every 1 hour. You can also take it for few days after the operation, every few hours.

*Again, for all the above, I would recommend to see a qualified herbalist who might have more suggestions.


The Operation 

Friday, October 17th  2003, about noon time. Took about 3 ˝ hours. The Dr. said that during the operation, he had stomachache for  1 ˝ hours till he found the nerve that was pushed by the tumor. But he succeeded to take it all out without injuring the nerve!!!  Big success, since he was quite “worried” before the op. He “couldn’t understand” how I was so calm and couldn’t figure my faith that every thing will be fine. 

I came out of the anesthesia quite “high”, with a big smile all over my face, and didn’t stop talking, (I wonder what they put in the anesthesia),

I had my family and friends all around me. BUT….4 hours later, a small blood vessel was “broken” inside, had a  hemorrhage, and they rushed me back to the surgery room for another operation to fix it. I am not sure I had a smile on my face this time!!!.


The Time After The Operation 

I didn’t sleep most of the night, The machine which they put me on to follow my breath, (I guess because of the second op) kept me awake. I was sure I’ll have to stay for another day, but the Dr. took out the drain. I had 2) and released me home on Saturday noon time.(only overnight) and this was the best….going home.

I kept on taking the Arnika, and took pain killers only 2 or 3 times, since the pain was not that bad.

So…no damage to the nerve, but no feeling in the ear lobe (“wooden ear”) and along the left jaw line.

On Sunday the DR. took out the second drain, and the stitches were out the next Sunday…At last I could wash my hair…what a good feeling…the small blessings of life.

 I thought of starting to use the essential oils on the scar right after the op, but since it was covered with bandages, I started to use it only after the stitches were removed. In case I could put on the oils immediately, I would add to the list above-“Juniper berry” – portion=3, and after taking out the stitches, adding to the above- “vitamin E.”

In addition to the above, I kept on doing meditation whenever I felt like. 

I stayed at home for one week, let my mother do her famous chicken soup, Family and friends were all around. Looking back I think I didn’t really take a proper rest…too much talking and laughing. Then I took it easy for another week before I was back  working in my clinic. 

The pathology results came back with very good news:

“There is NO evidence of malignancy and the lesion appears completely excised”!!!!

Remark- to those of you who have to take antibiotics after the op, don’t forget to take ACIDOPHILUS, and eat bio yogurt, to avoid Candida.

Beware: the antibiotics also weakens the body, so take a lot of rest and don’t forget to drink.


Today – 3 ˝ Months After Operation 

Feeling great, I still have the “wooden ear” which is quite strange, and numbness along the jaw.  Three weeks ago I’ve started working with acupuncture and moxa (kind of herb). The idea is to stimulate the Qi (the vital energy) and blood in the area of the ear and jaw, with hope to speed up the healing process (there is some sensation back to the jaw).

The scar looks quite good, even kind of sexy!!! (Just kidding).

I keep on putting only vitamin E, and I guess the acupuncture also helps.


Some thoughts

Naturally I would be happy not to go through this parotidectomy, but since today I have the ability to look on the events in my life from a different angle which I didn’t have few years ago, I can look at this event, as much as it sounds strange, as a beautiful present brought to my life. Through the attempts to take care of the tumor, I arrived to places-personally and professionally- I might have not gotten otherwise. 

On my way, I’ve met all kinds of practitioners, that from some of them I took many “tools” to my work in my clinic. On the other hand, I met others from whom I learned what not to do. 

The most important lesson for me, in choosing the DR, was to make “real choice” and to trust my guts, to believe my ability create miracles in my life.  One more thing was to know that I can contain all the love I was surrounded with all those years, especially in the last few months. 

Last but not least…I want to share with you something very personal: 

Before I went to the operation, I’ve got a blessing from SUFI.(the entity I told you about), and here it is: (translated from Hebrew):








 This is my story, I know it’s quite long, but don’t forget it took me 10 years to be where I’m now.

Thank you Dwight for your wonderful creation, thank you all for being there.

If you have any question, I’m here for you. My email address is:


 I wish you all to be in a place of love, gratification, grace and dignity; I bless you all and your souls with a lot of beauty, a lot of love.