So Now You Want To Build  a Web Page

You are at home recovering from your surgery and you want to build a web page.  I've got this one, and another for my family.  My kids play with the family site.  They have their own bulletin boards and chat rooms.  I have family photo albums. 

Actually, I have two of these sites that are nearly identical.  You probably arrived at my free site at Yahoo Geocites.  But as soon as you hit the first link I sent you over to which resides on a server I rent space on.  Why pay $6.00 a month when there is free space available at Yahoo?  Because Yahoo limits the types of things you can do by limiting your file access.  In my case I could not run the discussion page on Yahoo.  Also, I was able to buy my own name, by using a paysite.  The name costs $15.00 a year.

The software I use for everything but the bulletin board is Microsoft Frontpage 2002.  I purchased it at Bestbuy for about $100.00.  It allows me to create pages in a What You See Is What You Get format.  As opposed to writing HTML code.  I can paste photos and text from Word.  It has templates for fancy pages that look like newspaper or magazine pages.  It also has templates for photo albums.  It is very easy to use but your host must have Frontpage Extensions available on his site.  Yahoo has many of them and the site I'm using has them all.  These are commands that your pages call to perform special tasks, like hit counters.  Microsoft Frontpage manages all the files it takes to make a page.   When I want to "Publish" my pages to the web, I simply hit a publish button.  It asks for the address of the site and downloads all the files.

My pay site is at .  It costs $5.95 a month and they charged a $15.00 set up fee.  They paid for my domain name but I will have to pay $15.00 a year for it in the future.  I have no experience with any other pay hosts.  These people advertise help within 24 hrs.  While they respond within 24 hours, they respond to all my questions with questions.  I've had to figure everything out myself.  You give them your credit card number and 3 days later they give you the password to your site.  Your site is a storage space of 25 megs.  You can navigate the site much the way you do your hard drive.

Update (April 2003) - Imagelinkusa has greatly improved since my first writing a year and a half ago.  Their site speed is great and their service dept responds quickly with reasonable answers now.  I give them two thumbs up, 5 stars and a bucket of popcorn for a rating.  And I don't think you can beat the price.

The bulletin board software is freeware.  I downloaded it from .  They also have a support forum at .  If you follow the instructions found at , exactly,  without any deviation, the bulletin board will run the first try.  If it does not run the people at the support forum will help you out and if you post your software they will actually fix it for you.  But they will also verbally abuse you every step of the way.  You are best off not saying anything other than your are a complete idiot and need help.

My favorite bulletin board using this software is at .  My hobby is building sea kayaks. If you are interested, it is a great bunch of people and they will try to talk you into building your first boat tomorrow.

My other website is at


Happy web building,