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Creating A User Profile
Creating a profile here at is a way of helping others on the bulletin board who are facing similar problems with a parotid gland tumor.  If you already had surgery it allows you to list your surgeons name and give information about your surgery experience. As you have probably discovered, the process of finding a surgeon can be quite stressful.  Others will be able to see what surgeon you used and comments you make about him/her.  A visitor may want to consult the same surgeon for a second opinion.  Your profile will be listed by Country, State, City and Profile Name so others can easily scan the list to find someone in their area.  Note: A "Profile Name" is not your real name or full name.  Also, providing an e-mail address is optional.

If you are new to the board and have not  had surgery, please create a profile and then return in the future to fill in information about your surgery experience.

A profile is not required to use the bulletin board, but it gives you a couple extra features.  First, by creating a profile your name can not be used by anyone else on the bulletin board.  You will be required to provide a password each time you post a message under the profile name you choose.  Secondly, readers will be able to read your profile information by simply clicking on your name when they are reading one of your messages.

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No Way, Let Me See The Other Profiles First


Posting A New Message To Start A New Topic
  1. You need to be at the Message Index.  The top of the page should say Message Index in bold face.
  2. Select "Post New Message" from the top of the page.  It is to the left of "Search".
  3. Type your name in the Your Name box. You may add your state "Dwight,SC".  Or make up a name if you like.
  4. Enter your e-mail address if you like (optional).  This allows other readers to write to you. It also allows the bulletin board to notify you when someone responds to your message.
  5. Enter a subject.  This will appear on the index page of the bulletin board.
  6. Enter your message in the Message Box.  You may paste a message in from word or another program if you want to.
  7. You may enter a password (optional).  If you do, you will be the only one that may post under the name you chose above.

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Posting a Response To A Message
  1. View the message you want to respond to.
  2. Select "Post Response"
  3. Follow 3 thru 7 Above.  Your message will appear indented from the message you are responding to.

    Note:  The subject defaults to Re: Subject.  You may erase this and type in your own subject if you wish. 

Including links to other pages
There is an "Optional Link URL:" field at the bottom of the message entry page for including the URL along with a title. This will create a link at the bottom of the post. Again, remember to have the link start with "http://" along with all the other address information.


No Message

You don't have to type a message.  You can do a "One-liner" by filling in the Subject line and leaving the message body blank.  a "NM" (No Message) will be shown next to your subject line so readers know there is not a message.


Off Topic
I don't mind if people post messages that are "off topic", within reason.  All I ask is that you add "OT" to your subject line so that everyone knows the message is off topic.  Then they don't have to read it if they are not interested.



If you would like to receive e-mail copies of new posts to the forum, select "Subscribe" from the menu bar at the top of the forum.  Simply enter your e-mail address.  The computer will automatically send you copies of each new post.  When you want to turn this off, go back to the subscribe button and enter your e-mail address again.  It is totally automated. You don't have to worry about receiving advertisements or SPAM.  I hate it myself and won't subject others to it.  I won't sell or give away your e-mail address.

    note:  You can not respond to posts by e-mail.  You must return to the bulletin board for that.

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Message Archives

I am now archiving messages in order to keep the speed of the active board as fast as possible.  I will by trying to maintain the number of active messages between 1,500 and 2,000.  Therefore, every month or so I will be moving the oldest messages to "The Message Archive".

To view the older messages (they contain great information), simply select "The Message Archive" from the menu at the top of the message index.  It looks a lot like the main message index but there are limited menu choices and no new messages may be posted.

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There are about 700 messages on the board now.  It would be difficult to read them all.  Use the "Search" button at the top of the index page to search for a topic you are interested in.  For example, if you are looking for information on muscle flaps, search for the word "flap".  The search will return a list of messages that contain the word flap.

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Set Preferences (Viewing Older Messages)

Select this from the menu at the top of the page.  If you want to view messages that are older than two weeks, change the setting to 6 or more weeks.  You may also change the display type to Guestbook which will allow you to view all the messages in a thread at one time.

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Why Are The Messages Disappearing?
See Set Preferences above.


Photo's and Documents
Use the POST PHOTOs HERE button at the top left corner of the message index page. 


You Would Like To Add A Web Page To My Site

Great! E-mail me a document that I can cut and paste from.  For example, Word, Wordpad, Notepad, Excel, etc., include photo's if you wish.   Tell me what you want to call the page.  I'll add it to my site.  I will give you the address of the page so you can review it before we show it to the world.

You could tell your own story and experiences, give advice, or suggest hospitals and doctors.  Julies Story is an example of information a reader sent and we inserted it into a web page.  In time, Google will pick the the address and add it to their search engine.


Want To Help?
I could use some.  Send me an e-mail.  I can give you "administrative rights" to the site and you could help monitor the messages to be sure we don't get in trouble for things like slander.


House Cleaning
I will on occasion do some "house cleaning".  Move messages to where they belong, add more information to the subject line for future reference, or I may delete messages older than two months if they don not include useful information for future visitors.  I'll do that only if I run into space constraints.  Also, if a message appears that is not appropriate, I'll delete it. 


Correcting A Message
Only administrators can change or delete messages.  Just e-mail me and I'll fix it for you.  You won't be the first, it happens a couple time a week.


Message and Photo Ownership
Patientsforum owns the rights to all messages and photos you post here.  Specifically, Dwight Shelato owns them.