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Your Health Considerations
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  • No one at this forum is a doctor. 
  • No one at this forum and web site is qualified to offer medical advice. 
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  • Folks, there are a lot of strange, mean spirited people lurking on the internet.  I do not read, review, or approve all the messages left here.  I set the forum up as a way for patients to exchange information but there is no guarantee the people here are even patients.  They come from countries all over the world and all walks of life.
  • I am not responsible in any way for medical decisions, treatments, or conditions caused by surgery or lack there of.
  • If you think you have a Parotid Tumor or other medical problem, see a doctor.
  • I am not a Doctor.  I'm a patient.

Dwight Shelato, Site Administrator


General Guidelines

Names, Nom de Plumes & E-Mail

In general, messages can be posted freely by anyone, using any name or alias. Obviously this excludes deliberate fraud such as impersonating someone else. If you would like to reserve a name for yourself, you'll need to prepare a profile. Providing an e-mail address is optional.

Discussion Topics

Discussions can cover any range of topics regarding Parotid Tumors, Treatments and Patient Experiences which may be of interest to our visitors. The focus is clearly on Parotid Tumors, but it doesn't hurt to digress and make small talk from time to time. Please don't get too carried away though.

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Questions and Complaints

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Censorship and Moderation
This is a touchy subject but there's no doubt that a certain amount of discretion is required to make these forums enjoyable and productive for the maximum audience. Of course, there are also legal issues involved.

I  will edit or delete any message which, in our opinion, falls into any of the following categories:

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I do not Moderate the forum.  In other words I do not read and approve the messages before they are posted.  In fact, I don't read all the messages.

Banning Users
In some cases I may elect to impose restrictions on a user, which could include either of these scenarios:
  1. The user may read messages, but may only post messages subject to my approval.
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  3. The user may read and post but the posts may not be sent out for everyone to see.
The Legal Stuff
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